What to Expect from our Classes

Howe, LLC | Pink Leaf: A Learning Company brings life skills to LIFE through real experiences with tools, professionals, and peers. We are passionate about a deep integration of the fun in the fundamentals, ensuring everyone is engaged in learning while connecting with one another. Regularly scheduled classes (which we call ‘boot camps’) are offered for youth with an active DCS or JD/JS case who are ages 14-23. We also schedule community classes, which are a great way to connect with friends while learning skills to last a lifetime. 



During our 2-5 day experiential learning classes, participants will expand their horizons, build capacities for independence, and have opportunities to build lifelong networks of peers, subject matter experts, and the prominent community businesses and members. As with all Pink Leaf programs, these courses are taught by reputable field experts with a hands-on approach. All our camps have the ultimate goal of improving participants propensity for successful and sustainable independent living and employment.

Classes are scheduled year-round and can be offered by request. 


A youth with a current DCS or JD/JS case may qualifiy to attend our classes for free.  Click here to view the registration process.