Gina Jobe - Camp Coordinator


Here at Pink Leaf, our mission is to inspire youth to lead their best lives – to develop the skills 

and relationships necessary to take charge of their futures. Our bootcamps, where we teach 

real-life skills in a hands-on way, are a large part of our focus, and Gina Jobe, resident camp 

maven, is a driving force behind our camps. Gina is involved heart-high in all our programming: 

she writes curriculum, finds qualified (and kind!) instructors, recruits campers, writes reports, 

handles the billing...she does everything but teach.  


That’s something of a change for Gina who came to Pink Leaf after fourteen years as an 

elementary school teacher. Though she loved her students, she’s thrilled to work in an 

environment centered on building real relationships, encouraging youth, and growing practical 

skills -all things that cannot be measured with a standardized test.  


As a camp coordinator, Gina has seen, first-hand, the impact our bootcamps have on the youth 

involved. “I love to watch the excitement of some of the youth at the camps across Indiana.  

They are especially excited about getting to work in a little café in Indianapolis taught by the 

general manager and head cook.  It makes me smile every time I see how excited they are to 

have this opportunity.” She says. Even so, the program she’s most excited about is still an idea in 

progress – walking beside young single mothers and encouraging them with basic life skills and 

parenting tips. We’re pretty excited about that one too! 


Gina is a Jesus-loving, pottery-throwing grandma, and when she’s not here with us you can find 

her playing guitar, reading, quilting, and hanging out with her grandkids. “I’m passionate about 

loving the people God has put in my life.”


Josh Fathauer: Administrative Assistant

Josh is our chief document wrangler here at Pink Leaf, no small feat for a youth and community services company like ours. In addition to taming the paper monster, Josh also instructs community members and youth through our CPR training program.

Josh grew up in Blountsville, IN, a tiny town not far from Muncie. During high school, Josh met a track coach that changed his life. He says, “If it wasn't for that coach helping me and mentoring me, not only in track but in everyday life, I would not be the person I am today. I learned what it means to care, help the less fortunate, and be a positive role model.” 

Josh graduated from Ball State University in 2012 and has been working with youth to provide that same mentorship ever since. He’s been a track coach for seventeen years and founded a basketball academy that emphasizes fundamental skills for kids from kindergarten to fifth grade.

When Josh is not helping us here at Pink Leaf or coaching kids in the community he’s serving our country. He’s served in the Army National Guard for the last fourteen years and wishes only that he’d begun to serve earlier. 

Passionate about fitness and the outdoors, Josh loves spending what free time he has camping.

Welcome to Pink Leaf

Pink Leaf is a youth services and empowerment organization. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in our communities.

We value experiences, connections, and people.

We could not accomplish half of what we accomplish without our awesome staff. They are the folks that carry the heavy load around here.

We are going to start off our blog with a series introducing the folks that make Pink Leaf run.

Thanks to all the Pink Leaf staff, board members, instructors and volunteers. You make Pink Leaf happen!