Culinary Arts 

During our 2-5 day experiential learning classes, students will expand their horizons, build capacities for independence, and have opportunities to build lifelong networks of peers, food industry experts, and the community. As with all Pink Leaf programs, these courses are taught by reputable field experts with a hands-on approach. Students will have the opportunity to work in a commercial kitchen while they improve their propensity for successful and sustainable independent living or food industry employment.


These are just a few of the many Food classes we offer at Pink Leaf:

  • Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • Basic Kitchen Skills
  • Health and Wellness
  • ServSafe(R) Certification
  • Organic Gardening
  • Specialty Cooking Classes

We are NOW offering ONLINE Food Safety Classes

Need your ServSafe Certification?  We have launched an online Food Manager Prep class so you can learn at your convenience.  This online class will get you where you need to be to take your certification exam.  It covers the following food safety related topics:

Protecting from Foodborne Illness, Contaminants, Personal Hygiene, Hazards, Purchasing, Receiving & Storing, Preparation of Food, Serving Food, Management, Safe Facilities & Pest Control, and Cleaning & Santizing.

This class is great for anyone needing to prepare for their ServSafe certification exam (which is offered separately)!

We have also released a free online mini-course on Foodborne Illness Prevention.  This class is for those learners who don't need to pass a certification exam, but would still like to gain a working knowledge of kitchen safety basics.  This is a great course for new kitchen staff in a commercial kitchen and is currently being offered free of charge!