What's in a Name?

When Pink Leaf was originally established, it was called Howe, LLC. However, as we grew, it came time for a change. Here is our story:

Inspiration can strike us anywhere; sometimes we are able to harness its power through brainstorming groups and think tanks.  Being open to inspiration in a group setting, encouraging others’ thoughts, and allowing for “no bad ideas” are critical skills for successful group work and brainstorming. Howe, LLC | Pink Leaf provides youth the opportunity to practice and develop these skills in an open-minded, supportive setting.

Cohort 1, eager to provide a legacy for future cohorts, inspired by their surroundings and one another, demonstrated their learning and skill development through the creation of a youth-run café.  Youth were involved in every step of the process, including property searches, lease negotiations, cost analysis, legal registrations, and of course, naming the business. During a brainstorming session intended to harness their inspiration and vigor, Cohort 1 youth created over 40 name ideas.  Pink Leaf, offered up to the group by a male student, quickly became the favorite among the group and was soon declared the name for the youth-run café.

As a demonstration of our commitment to youth, to honor their creativity and youth skill development, Howe, LLC became Pink Leaf: A Learning Company.  We are passionate about youth, to our very core, and encourage growth, development and community. We can think of no better way to honor the youth of our program than through providing the legacy of our name.  Each time we look at our business cards, say our company name, or introduce ourselves to someone new, we have the opportunity to share our youth’s energy, inspiration and creativity.  Pink Leaf: A Learning Company is the external reflection of our deep commitment to youth and their successful and sustainable futures.

Our team of passionate and value-driven individuals has a deep commitment to seeing the community experience life in a positive and encouraging way. Through opportunities for high-quality camps and partnerships with adults and businesses with exceptional integrity, we empower our students to rise to life's challenges while surrounding them with a positive living environment and healthy relationships.