If you love what you do and have a heart for shaping the next generation, we want to work with you!

All of Pink Leaf's classes are taught by people of integrity who thrive on making an impact in our world.  We work with instructors in a variety of fields, including but not limited to:  Chefs, Mechanics, Nurses, Wood Workers, Engineers, Business Owners, Artists, Accountants, Home Maintenance Professionals, Counselors, Wellness Professionals, and many more.

High quality instructors are the backbone of Pink Leaf.  While you instruct, we provide on site staff at every class to assist and organize.  We provide curriculum and supplies and a stipend for your time.  Together we effectuate change.  If you work in a field that is revelant to achieving successful and sustainable independent living and employment, please consider becoming one of our valued instructors.

{Classes are currently being held in the Ft. Wayne, Muncie and Indianapolis areas}